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JHP & ASSOCIATES, INC. was founded in 1998 to meet the increasing demand of high quality custom components with great cost savings from China. Based in Los Angeles, we specialize in manufacturing and supplying Custom Electrical/Mechanical Components. We also assist hydro project developers to select and supply the most reliable and advanced Hydroelectric Equipment made in China.

For the components, our clients come from different industries that include HVAC, IT, Lighting, Industrial Control, and Home Appliance. Many of these clients are industry leaders in the respective fields. We are proud to be part of their success, and we strive to contribute to our clients’ competitive edge and steady growth.

For hydro projects, we have been working with major engineering firms, design/build contractors, utility owners and private developers to provide the best design and equipment solutions.

JHP Technology Corporation is our OEM component division, and JHP & ASSOCIATES, INC. focuses on hydroelectric projects for technical consulting, equipment solution and project investment.

Thank you for your interests, please let us know how we can be of assistance to you. To learn more please email us at: or contact us here.

An Interview with JHP's CEO

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