Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
  1. What does JHP mean?
    The name initials of the founders.
  2. What does the JHP logo represent?
    Other than representing the founders, its a symbol of a transformer. Since our company started the business to supply  transformers, we designed the logo to represent a typical transformer with Wire (J), Bobbin (H) and Core (P).

    Transformer is an important component to make electrical circuits work. Like a transformer, the role of JHP is to assist our clients to make things happen.
  3. Is JHP logo registered?
    Yes, our logo is a registered trade mark.
  4. How long has JHP been in business?
    We incorporated in 1998 and have been in business since.
  5. What qualifications does JHP's staff have?
    JHP's top management team members have extensive knowledge and experience in international business operations, major project management and working experience in both private sector and state owned major enterprises. Our hydroelectric team has decades of design and manufacturing expertise that represents the top level of what China can offer.

    Component Related:
  6. What can clients benefit the most from JHP?
    Other than high quality, competitive costs, on time delivery through logistic support and prompt communications, our clients  enjoy the supply of multiple key components from JHP. This enables our clients to minimize supply base yet enjoy better price and better inventory control provided by JHP.
  7. What qualifications do JHP's factories have?
    As a minimum, the factories must be ISO certified (in some cases with UL certificates), with at least 5 years in business. They also must be financially strong, professional in what they make, most with export experience. In addition, prompt communication and proficient project management skill are some top criteria we emphasize. Most of our current factories have been manufacturing for JHP for more than 3 years.

    When there is a need to add new factories to our supply base, we go through an extensive selection process to qualify the most capable candidates. Upon pre-approval, they will need to go through a test period to ensure the quality, communication, cost are up to our standard before they can be given more projects and big orders.
  8. What are the major industries for JHP, who were the major clients?
    We primarily serve industries including IT, HVAC, Lighting, Industrial Control, and Home Appliance. Our first major clients were Compaq and Texas Instruments. They bought laptop power adapters from one of our key customers who used our coils and inductors.

    Hydro Related:
  9. What does JHP Hydro do?
    Design and supply turbine, generator or water to wire package, the best hydroelectrical systems made in China.
  10. What has been the experience for JHP Hydro?
    We have designed and manufactured the following turbine/generator for a single unit with head range between 3 to 1000 meters, for both domestic Chinese market and exported to countries including USA, Japan, India, Pakistan, Turkey, and Vietnam:
        Francis: 100mw
        Kaplan:  60mw
        Bulb:      40mw
        Pelton:   50mw
  11. What differentiates JHP from the rest, and how can JHP claim to have the best equipment solution with the lowest cost?
    Please watch this six minute video.
  12. Who can benefit the most from JHPs services?
    Any project owners and developers, public or private, who are open to take advantage of the world class hydro equipment made in China at a fraction of the cost.

    Also, engineering consulting firms who help clients to select supply of the key equipment can benefit from a strong support of JHP.

    Lastly, the design/build contractors for hydro projects can team up with JHP to win projects.
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